Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

The process for this project was more fun because of my interest in languages, and I put Chinese symbols on it. It gives you a new respect for languages unfamiliar to the English alphabet. I got my ideas, again, from my interest in languages and the writing on the fortune in the fortune cookie. My work represents more my interest in languages rather than in art work for this project.

Art x 3

I did not enjoy working on this project mainly because it did not interest me much. i prefer work with drawing, painting or sculpting rather than collages. I did not mind giving up my work on this project, but had it been another that I was more interested in then it would have been more frustrating. I did not pick up on a life lesson because of my disinterest in the work.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop Print

I chose the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (Marine Corps emblem) because it has a strong significance in my life. Since I am joining the Marine Corps I see this emblem a lot, and it resembles everything I have worked for and will keep working for. 

The process of creating the stamp was challenging due to the many tiny details necessary for my print. Digging deep, and narrow details was the most challenging part of this; along with the constant adjustments after doing test prints. 

My overall reaction to printing in mass was that it was pretty cool. Being able to make one piece of artwork and then reproducing it with ease was the best part. It looked the same everytime it was printed making the whole thing much easier than if it were just drawn and painted.