Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting Artists - Collecting vs Hoarding

The difference between collecting and hoarding is the obsession and intensity of the collecting. A hoarder collects over a long period of time, and becomes emotionally attached to every item they have even if they didn't know they had it. It is sort of like a fear of not having a lot of things. A collector will collect a lot of one type of thing whether it be stamps, quarters, etc. Even if the subject of the collection is a broad one it doesn't become their whole life like it would for a hoarder. There is typically a reason for a collector to do what he does, a hoarder has less of a passion for the collecting and more of an unknown need to have the items for no use. I don't personally have any collections, but if I were to have one it would be one of firearms because they interest me a lot. The interest derives from the ability to use them and maintain them, not so much the desire to just have them. It also would help me learn about them and the reasons they work and look the way they do. 

Hoarding can also be considered a serious problem and in some cases hazardous. Families have had to move out our even tear down their house because the health risks were too great. A collector's collection doesn't take over their life to this extent. 
This link describes the difference pretty well:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Compare & Contrast - (Bike & Candy Jar)

In comparison to the bike drawing, the candy jar was much more fun to me. It was more esthetically pleasing. The colors brought life to the drawing rather than it being grey and shaded. More details were able to be added to the bike drawing, but it was a little dead looking. The candy jar felt more complete.

Candy Jar

The candy jar drawing was a great example of how to make something look like it is inside of an object rather than just on top of it or in front of it. It taught me how to differentiate from different shades  of actual color rather than just the lights and darks of a Graphite pencil. The color made reflections easier to distinguish between items outside the jar and inside the jar. It also showed me that not everything is just one color, but that a lot of colors can make colors look deeper and darker than just a single color could do with just pressure.


The process of creating the bike drawing involved a lot of layers. It was layers on layers of different types of pencils and different variations of shading. Shading in different directions and areas to create a visual effect of whatever the material was that I was drawing, whether it be metal, rubber or plastic. Not even the white spots on the bike were left clear on the paper. My experience with this drawing showed me that there is a lot more attention to detail required for drawings.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Class

My name is Andrew Mayo and I took art class because it's relaxing and not much work like other classes.